Parish of Saint Ann Pastoral Council Annual Report of Activities 6/2016

This annual report is intended to inform the Parish of the work of the Parish Council, various Committees, and Parish Organizations as to the accomplishments of these entities.  Each year, the Pastoral Council creates a “report on its work, accomplished and planned, and presents it to the parish at large”.   The Pastoral Council meets the second Monday of each month in the Masterson center.  It is made up of 9 parishioners who are elected by you the Parish to assist Father Klevence in an advisory manner with the day to day running of the Parish.  Current members of the Parish for 2015-2016 Council consists of Rev. John Klevence, Pastor, Dick Jacobs, President, Lisa Coldiron, Vice President, Tom Defibaugh, Secretary, Rev. Ralph Castelow, Associate Pastor, Deacons Ed Danko, Jack Freebery, Dennis Hayden, ex-officio members Molly Roach, Director, Religious Education, Ricardo Jime`nez, Latino Representative and other elected members Barbara Romansoff, Vince Bertone, Sean Kilroy, Charles Kistler, Dan DiLuzio, and Lois Rubinsohn. There is also a Finance Council consisting of Rev. John Klevence, Rev. Ralph Castelow, Don Doyle, Business Manager, Georgia Bresch, Assistant Business Manager and parishioners Kathleen Barrow, Executive Officer and Christy Thornett, Joseph Healy, and Tom Defibaugh who assist Father Klevence in the financial well being of the Parish.


The report below is representative of the many activities that each of the Pastoral Council’s standing committees and parish organizations has accomplished this year. This year it also includes a summary of activities accomplished by the Sodality, Men’s Club, Youth and Hispanic Ministries.


St Ann’s is a vibrant and active church community, with far reaching commitment to service within our community.


LITURGY COMMITTEE – Sister Loretta Primus, Chairperson


Mission Statement:  Liturgy is the central ministry of our parish community from which we take our identity and from which all other activities of the parish flow.  Therefore, the mission of the Liturgy Committee is to foster good worship in our parish.  The committee bears responsibility for coordination of the liturgical life of the parish under the guidance of the pastor, the liturgical documents of the Church and approved diocesan guidelines.  The committee is responsible for determining long-range goals and specific objectives for the liturgical life of the parish in conjunction with the pastoral plan established by the pastor and the pastoral council.


Our Year in Review:


  • The Liturgy Committee meets the second Tuesday of the month, and is comprised of 8 representatives, which includes the pastor and the associate pastor.
  • The Liturgy Committee rotates in preparing the Universal Prayer for Weekend and Holy Days.
  • The Liturgy Committee has been responsible for preparing the following Prayer & Sacramental Celebrations:


  • The Rosary during the months of October and May
  • Prayer Celebration: Remembering Our Deceased Loved Ones
  • Advent Celebration—Gaudete Sunday
  • Advent Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Tuesday & Thursday @ 4:00 P.M. Mass during Advent & Lent
  • (2 Holy Hours during the month of January:
  • Holy Hour for Peace
  • Holy Hour for Life
  • Station of the Cross Booklets composed by (Pope) Saint John Paul II
  • Lenten Soup & Salad Prayer Service for St. Ann’s hosting.
  • Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick during the month of October and during the Lenten Season
  • Lenten Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Triduum Morning Prayer Services
  • The Parish Renewal, which was led by the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales in the month of April


  • The Liturgy Committee members were Greeters at the Lenten Soup & Salad Prayer Service and various liturgical events during the year.


  • This year, the Liturgy Committee added the following events:


  • Afternoon of Reflection in conjunction with Prayer Service, “Remembering our Deceased Loved Ones” with Brother Mickey McGrath, OSFS
  • 2 Holy Hours for Jubilee Year of Mercy
  • Blessing of all New Liturgical Ministers on Pentecost Sunday
  • Benefit Concert for The Way Home in conjunction with the Jubilee Year of Mercy




  • A Parish Renewal/Retreat is being planned for the coming year in March
  • A third Holy Hour for Jubilee Year of Mercy is being considered in September with a spiritual reflection by outside presenter
  • During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, January 2017, Saint Ann’s will host choirs from churches in the Christian Community of Churches, which will be integrated into a Prayer Service



Social Concerns Committee – Margaret Young, Chairperson


Mission Statement: The Social Concerns Committee believes that the needs and concerns of our brothers and sisters are our concern as well.  To this end we will facilitate for our parishioners, opportunities to discern needs, to serve the poor, the marginalized, the unchurched and the transient.  This will involve educating ourselves and the parish in Catholic Social Justice Teachings and encouraging parish-wide participation in both advocacy and outreach.


Our Year in Review:


Meals on Wheels -Larry Malanka.  Meals on Wheels cover a very large area. Volunteers work in pairs.  Normal deliveries take about two hours. Larry was in great need of more volunteers this past fall, as some of his people were no longer able to serve, and others would soon be leaving to spend the winter in Florida. Larry acquired a number of new volunteers, largely due to a request in the church bulletin for a few weeks. Things were going well through the winter and spring.

E. S. L. – English as a Second Language – Joe Nelan. Classes are held at noon on Sunday at Our Lady of Guadalupe and at 6:00 pm on Thursday evenings at the Methodist Church in Frankford. New teachers are needed.  No knowledge of a foreign language is required.  New teachers will be paired with an experienced teacher.  All teaching materials are provided.  Child care providers are needed, as many adult students must bring their young children with them.  Toys, games and story books are available with which to entertain the children. There are a great many students. The Frankford classes are full. Beginning students, with no knowledge of English are a challenge. Attendance is usually down for a while after Christmas, but picks up later. A couple of teachers have left during the winter, so there is a need for new volunteers.  New teachers have been acquired in the spring, but there still is a need for child care providers.  Otherwise, things seem to be going well, although new volunteers will be needed for next season.

Mentoring – Joe Rodgers. A number of new mentors were needed in the fall, but several volunteers stepped forward.  Things have been going well through this school year. However, more mentors will be required for the fall of 2016, as increased enrollment; with more students needing help is expected.


Bereavement – Deacon Ed Danko and Dr. Dan Cowell. Deacon Ed and Dr. Dan host two eight week sessions, “Fall/ Winter” and “Spring” for those who have sustained a loss, whether recent, or in the past. These sessions cover the Thanksgiving, Christmas,  and Easter holidays, which grieving persons find especially difficult. The sessions are held at 9:30 am on Thurs. mornings in the Masterson Center. All are welcome. One does not need to be a member of St. Ann’s in order to participate.  The program went very well this season. Everyone was pleased.


Social Justice – Howard Boyd.  Social Justice encompasses many areas including:

  • Faithful Citizenship
  • Education Initiative for the unemployed and underemployed
  • Financial Education for the Poor
  • Care of God’s Creation
  • Economic Justice
  • “Working for Justice” –   Parish education
  • Abolishing the Death Penalty

Howard has been concentrating on the “Stone House”, (the home for the homeless), located at the intersection of Rt. 26 and PA Ave. Many supplies have been   needed including paper products, cleaning supplies and food. The object is to prepare the residents to apply for and be hired for a job, and to be able to manage their lives on their own. Howard is looking for someone with a background in environmental science to help his group in planning ways to preserve the environment. Social Justice hosted Secretary of DNREC, David Small, at St. Ann’s in Dec., who spoke about managing our coastal resources, specifically the present and future challenges which our shoreline and bays present. The Social Justice Committee was very disappointed when the DE House of Representatives failed to repeal the death penalty in Jan. and again in Mar.  Social Justice has been working with the Community of Christian Churches to create a non-profit corporation to fund the education at Del and Sussex Tech for students of Sussex County who cannot afford the tuition. The foundation has already helped three people in getting trained as Nurse’s Assistants.


St. Vincent de Paul Society -Mike Farrar, President. The society manages the food pantry at OLG and distributes bags of food on Thurs. mornings from 9:00 to 11:00 am. Each individual usually receives two bags.  The society also helps those who cannot pay their rent, or utility bills. During the past year SVDP assisted 85 families with groceries and 315 persons with financial assistance for utilities and housing for a total of $22,000.

Christian Formation Committee (This section includes the Latino and Youth Ministries) – Ms. Molly Roach, Chairperson

 Mission: The Christian Formation program helps adults, young people and children develop their relationship with God and their faith life as Catholic Christians.  We reach out in the increasingly diverse population included in St. Ann’s and those seeking information about or admission to our Catholic Community.  We do this prayerfully through instruction and formation of conscience, faith-sharing, initiation rites and community service.  Dedicated catechists using updated methods and materials assist in this formation.  In our kindergarten through grade twelve program, family cooperation and support are recognized as essential.  In addition, our beautiful location blesses us with the opportunity to welcome and provide spiritual nourishment to seasonal parishioners and visitors.  Together we strive to grow as the family of God.


Adult Catechesis and Formation


July 2015: Vacation Bible School for Grown-ups

The Mass 25 participants over 5 evenings enjoyed light suppers, presentations by Father Klevence and Father Ralph, Deacon Mike, Jamey Sturgill, Molly Roach and Ed Shipley and created crafts under the guidance of JoAnna Keller and Kathy DiSabatino.  Our participants made daily donations in support of the St. Vincent DePaul Society.


October: the overhaul of Baptism Preparation Working with our volunteers—John & Shirley Weisel—baptism preparation for parents was redesigned.  We found new video resources on line and created baptism cards for parents to help them recognize all of the items found in church (holy water founts, candles, white albs, altar linens) which point to the sacrament of Baptism.


November—Sunday afternoon:  Brother Mickey McGrath presentation on God’s Mercy While this was organized by the Liturgy Committee it provided excellent adult formation.  There were about 60 people in attendance


December 2015:  Evening of Reflection on Images and Titles of Christ.  A guided tour of the images of Christ on the “Jesus Wall” in the Masterson Center with reflection on how we open ourselves to the realities and gifts in the life of Christ.   3 participants.   Next time we will schedule at 7PM rather than at 6.


January 13 to February 17:       Laudato Si  – Reading Group


This was a weekly group with the option of attending either a morning or an evening session in which we read Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment.   Attendance ranged from   4 (the morning session was sparsely attended) to 17 (the evening session was more popular).


February 22 & 25:  The Rosary – A two part presentation that included how the rosary came to be and how to pray it.   15 participants.


RCIA:   Under the guidance of our RCIA coordinator JoAnna Keller   5 adults and 4 children were prepared to celebrate the sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil.


Adult Confirmation Preparation – 22 adults were prepared to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation. 21 of them are from the Latino community while 1 is from the Anglo community.


Young Adult Ministry – Working with staff from St. Francis of deSales parish in Salisbury, our youth minister, Jamey Sturgill provided a “Theology on Tap” presentation each month which was attended by between 10 and 20 young adults.  Jamey also developed a volley ball team which participated in the Ocean City recreation program.


Children’s Catechesis and Formation – 175 children enrolled in the Sunday morning Religious Education classes at St. Ann’s. 55 children enrolled in the Spanish language 1st Communion preparation classes at OLG.


All Saints Celebration:  our Sunday morning faculty came dressed as saints, prepared to introduce themselves to the children—the Saints—Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Joseph (& Christ Child), St. Anthony (& Christ Child), Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Juan Diego, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Peter and St. Catherine of Siena visited all of the classes and spoke with the children.


Advent Service Project:  the families donated healthy snacks and the children decorated bags and wrote notes and created snack bags for local homeless which were distributed by the staff of the homeless shelter in Bethany Beach.   Our students from Most Blessed Sacrament School were invited to participate in this project and a half a dozen took us up on it.  As a surprise for all of the children, we had a visit from St. Nicholas to all of the classes that day. Gracias Sean K!


Confirmation Class Service Project:  together the members of the Sunday morning Confirmation class raised funds, planned the menu, cooked and served a Valentine’s Day dinner to the men living in the homeless shelter in Bethany Beach.


Lenten Service Project:  the families donated canned fish or meat, fruit or soup, apple sauce and cereal to be distributed by the Indian River School District food pantry.


First Penance and First Communion:    30 candidates celebrated.


Confirmation: 27 teens celebrated


Parish and Family Life Committee – Theresa Orhelein, Chairperson


Mission:  The Parish and Family Life Committee strive to promote fellowship and inspire parishioners to become involved in the life of the parish.  The scope of our activities includes events that foster community and family life. Our goal is to encourage a sense of inclusion among all generations and ethnicities of the parish.


*Renamed Hospitality Committee (April, 2016)


Mission:  The Hospitality Committee strives to promote fellowship and inspire parishioners to become involved in the life of the parish.  The scope of our activities includes events that foster community and family life. Our goal is to encourage a sense of inclusion among all generations and ethnicities of the parish.


To date, the committee has coordinated/participated in the following activities:

  • Monthly Meeting- first Monday of each month (September-June)
  • Hospitality Sundays– Coffee and donuts on the second Sunday of each month (October-April). Committee recruited and coordinated two teams (one at each church) with St. Ann’s team consisting of parents from MBS. Greeters were scheduled at each church on these Sundays.
  • Welcoming –Continued to send Welcome Letters to new parishioners. We are currently working to update the Welcome Booklet.
  • Ministry Fair– Created an insert to the bulletin to encourage parish involvement.
  • Parish Picnic– @ Our Lady of Guadalupe-September 20, 2015. All parishioners were invited.
  • Afternoon at the Movies @ St. Ann’s –every other month September, 2015 through March, 2016.
  • Pot Luck Suppers @ St. Ann’s- November 8, 2015 (Breakfast) and January 31, 2016 (International) – All parishioners were invited.
  • Lenten Soup/Salad @ St. Ann’sMarch 16, 2016 with Juliana Stacey coordinating.
  • Christmas Carol event- December 29, 2015


Finance Committee: – Don Doyle, Business Manager


The finance committee works closely with the Pastor and Business manager who produces an annual report to the Parish in October of each year.  This report is published in the Parish Bulletin.


Building and Grounds Committee – John Baywood, Chairperson


Building and Grounds Committee Annual Report

Mission: Being united in our dedication to and concern for the parish community of St. Ann’s, we are professional individuals striving to provide an environment where God’s faithful can worship, gather, work, and learn in safety, comfort and beauty.

Building and grounds committee meet with Pastor to discuss issues necessary to keep all real property within parish inventory in good working order and functional for complimenting all parish activities.  Accomplishments this year include:

  • Plaques installed in both churches to recognize those who have provided bequests or willed proceeds to the Parish of St. Ann.
  • Snow plowing contracts set into place for the winter season.
  • Storage space was consolidated to conserve space and provide storage for various ministries; ground rules include a. all space is limited, b. floors have to be clear of things, c. no food or beverages of any kind, d. heating and cooling systems cannot be blocked, e. space is not to be used as a personal storage venue, and f. use of space for something new has to be cleared by the pastor.
  • Carillon Bell System installed at Our Lady of Guadalupe and bell tones programmed to improve sound quality of external bells.
  • Plans for enlarging the parking lot at Our Lady of Guadalupe to include entrance and exit plans are in progress. Discussions with DELDOT continue and groundbreaking is predicted for Phase I this Fall.
  • Concrete around St. Ann Church, Masterson Center, and parish office repaired/replaced to eliminate tripping hazards.
  • Parking spaces being added to Northwest corner of St. Ann parking lot.
  • Security and fire protection inspection completed for all parish properties.
  • Installed new sound system in St. Ann Church.
  • Regular repair and maintenance ongoing throughout the Parish campus.

Nominating Committee – Dick Jacobs, Chairperson


The nomination committee (Dick Jacobs, Deacon Mike Malecki, Tom Defibaugh and Lois Rubinsohn) are pleased to report the results of the 2016 election process.


Nominations took place at all the Masses on the weekends of May 1 and May 8. Our goal was to obtain a competitive range of nominees.


Two thousand nomination requests were printed.  The form was modified in order that a person could make more than one nomination if they desired.  Only one form was received and that was on the evening of the May Pastoral Council meeting.  Two nominations were send in by e-mail.  Tom talked with the e-mail candidates who agreed to run.  The two parishioner‘s were received on hard copy form were contacted; one declined the offer and one accepted.  With three qualified candidates contacted and no others coming forth it was decided not to hold an election, but to have the three accept the appointments – which they did. The new members are: Julie Van Dyke, Carol Kardash, and John Traina.

Each of the candidates was made aware of the results by e-mail on May 11, 2016 and the results published in the Weekly Bulletin.


By-Laws Committee – Tom Defibaugh, Chairperson


The by-laws of the Parish Council are in process of review owing to a change of schedule of monthly meetings.


Sodality – Theresa Orhelein, Prefect


St. Ann’s Sodality encourages and promotes participation in all parish activities.  We meet on a monthly basis, recite the Rosary and attend Mass immediately thereafter, and promote devotion to the Blessed Mother through prayer and spiritual betterment. Our monthly meetings usually include a guest speaker. Yearly, we sponsor a Book Drive for the children of local schools in the Parish support area, and support our U.S. Troops, Luther Towers (low income senior home), St. Vincent De Paul and CASA with item, monetary, and gift card donations. Many of our members are mentors in local schools, lectors, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist sit on various church committees, volunteer their time to church affiliated programs and provides transportation to the sick and take meals to the shut-ins.


Our activities are accomplished prayerfully and reverently through Christ with His Mother as our guide. All women of the parish, full time and part time, are encouraged and welcome to attend our meetings and various functions.


Men’s Club –Ted Dunn, President


The St. Ann’s Men’s Club is an active group of men founded at St. Ann’s Church. The Club goal is to encourage spiritual growth and a sense of community in the parish. As directed by our Pastor, we render assistance in parish Spiritual, Educational, and Social activities. The Club was founded in 1987.


We host a number of religious events, such as three religious retreats and a Communion Breakfast. This year was the second of our 3-Day Lenten Retreats. Our monthly meetings feature interesting and timely guest speakers.  Our Pastor and Associate Pastor are members of the Club as are our Deacons. Our Club’s Chaplain, Caz Chodnicki, regularly addresses members at our monthly meetings on interesting and inspirational religious topics.


The entire parish is invited to our Social Events.  Among these are a Charity Golf Tournament, Christmas Party, Parish Breakfasts and St. Patrick’s Day Dance. These events are popular, well attended, and any revenue generated is annually donated to the needy of our parish and the local community.   This year the Men’s Club donated a total of $7300, which included substantial sums to the newly-established St. Vincent de Paul Society and St. Ann’s Scholarship Program for Most Blessed Sacrament School. Other recipients included the Cancer Support Community of Delaware, the Way Home, Primeros Pasos, the Sussex County Science Fair, Operation Seas the Day, and Shirley Grace Pregnancy Center.


This year our club attracted 12 new members. Presently we have 110 dues paying members and gratis membership is offered to our priests and deacons. Dues are a nominal $12.00 a year.  We encourage the men of our parish to join us in a Religious-Social Club, working for the good of St. Ann’s Parish.