The Bethany Beach AARP Tax-Aide Program is operating again at the Parish of St. Ann.  This income tax return preparation and e-file program is available to most taxpayers, free of charge.  Our volunteers may only prepare returns for which they have been trained.  This training does not include rental property, farm income, or business income that involves depreciation or inventories.

Volunteers will be preparing 2018 Federal and State tax returns on Mondays through Wednesdays from February 4th through April 10th, excluding holidays.  If you are interested, please call 302-858-3575 to schedule an appointment Do NOT call the Church office for this service.

When you come to your appointment, you MUST bring a photo ID, proof of your Social Security number, the previous year’s Federal and State tax returns and all tax documents you receive (including, but not limited to, W-2’s, 1099 forms, interest and dividend statements and brokerage statements).  If you plan to itemize deductions or think you may be able to itemize deductions, please bring information supporting your potential deductions, such as out-of-pocket medical expenses and medical insurance premiums, payments to qualified charities, home mortgage interest and property taxes.  Please summarize and total your deductions prior to your appointment, particularly your medical expenses and charitable contributions.